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Joanne Perkins - Fine Artist

Joanne Perkins

Joanne Perkins

Reading, Berkshire - United Kingdom
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Early one afternoon In April 1968, Joanne was born in a quaint hospital nestled in the suburbs of Wokingham, Berkshire, England.
She led a cosmopolitan childhood, living in Italy, Switzerland and Malta. Italy has always had a place in her heart. She returned to England at the age of 16, where she lives today.

Art being Joanne’s only true love, she pursued her career on a part time basis, undertaking commissions, showing her work in drafty town halls, muddy fields and in Art shops, alongside her office job.
Not being cut out for the nine to five lifestyle, she rented her home, moved counties and graduated with a BA Fine Art Hon Degree in 2005.

Years Later, Joanne undertook commissions again, all the while fantasising about being a full time artist.
One day at work, an opportunity to start her own Art Business presented itself. Her art is focused on Landscapes of Berkshire.


Every painting starts with a drive through the countryside. Once I have found a scene that is amazing to me, I sketch on site and take pictures so that I can work from them at home.

My inspiration to paint comes from childhood memories of mountains, and beautiful scenery I encountered through my travels and living experiences in Europe.

Capturing sceneries in a painting takes me back to that time, and especially when I was on a long trip from the north of Italy to deep down south and through France to Spain. I observed how the landscapes drastically changed from flat scenes of farmland and vineyards to snowy peaked mountain tops scattered with large cacti. I also remember the local women who were dressed in sarongs, and walked bare foot on the dusty roadside, carrying baskets of fruit on their heads.

As we left Italy behind and entered into Provence, I particularly remembered a pretty tree lined road coming into view with breath-taking colour rich lavender fields flanked by fields of wild flowers. Hypnotised by the spectacular sight, I had the strong urge to break free from the hot stuffy car and run through the vast spaces without inhibition.

Those memories are forever etched in my mind and this is the basis of why I make art today.
Since that time and during my teens I drew and painted anything and everything including a mural on my bedroom wall! Later on a work colleague, who had seen some of my work, bought me my first set of Windsor and Newton art materials and advised me to “do something with it”. Those words of encouragement enabled me to undertake commissions, and this success gave me the impetus to study for an art degree.

Following my graduation I lived on in Surrey to try and find my niche. After two years I was still searching, and for practical reasons I returned to Berkshire. Eventually my golden opportunity presented itself whilst I was at work.

I started developing my portfolio at the weekends only due to the dark winter evenings. As they got lighter I painted every day after work and as the months rolled on my portfolio grew substantially and I launched my business in June 2013 which continues to grow.


I choose to paint Landscapes because I have always loved nature, and they make me feel uplifted and time free. I want to make my art an integral part of my life.

Acrylics inspire me the most because they already exist and they are quick drying and easy to use.

Art work, Pop music, and driving around my local area on a sunny day, evoke 'feel good factor' emotions which are the basis of creating my art.

I begin a painting, by mapping out the perspective in simple paint or pencil strokes, on white paper. I start applying different shades of greens in Acrylic, then I add other colours,and manipulate them, until the composition is harmonious.

Viewers are interested in my technique. They are fascinated by how I define the plants and trees by applying soft brush strokes using a variety of paint brushes and natural sponges.

I would like people to think of my art as uplifting and fresh and something which reminds them of a special place or time in their lives.


Simply email me a photograph of your dog and let me turn it into a beautiful hand painted portrait.
Photographs over 1mb is brilliant. The higher the resolution the clearer and more in focus your photograph is, the better the portrait.
Email your chosen photograph to with any brief you may have plus the size of the portrait you have chosen. (see below for sizes)

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your painting to be completed. Once completed I will email a high resolution picture of your portrait according to your instructions, I want you to be delighted with it. Once finished I will then send you another photo of your amended portrait.
Once you have approved your portrait, you will need to settlethe remaining balance. I will then deliver your painting via special delivery to the address you have specified.

12” x 16”
16” x 20”
20” x 24”
24” x 30



Joanne Perkins - Sonning Bridge in Autumn
Joanne Perkins - Sonning Bridge

Sonning Bridge

Joanne Perkins

Joanne Perkins - Woodford Park in Woodley
Joanne Perkins - Great Windsor Park

Great Windsor Park

Joanne Perkins


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